Some features in PolypopLive require connecting accounts in order to make those features work. Both Twitch and YouTube alerts, for instance, require a connected account in order for PolypopLive to be able to access the service and notify you of events related to your account. In addition, by connecting your account, you will be able to stream without the need to manually enter a stream-key.

Adding the YouTube Plug-in

To add a YouTube source to your Library, you will first need to install the YouTube plug-in.

  1. Click on the plug-in button, located at the top of the UI.

  2. Select the Web Services category.

  3. Find the YouTube plugin and click its "Install" button.

If you see that the YouTube plug-in is marked as "Installed," it means you already have it and you don't need to install it again.

Connecting to YouTube for Alerts

Let’s see how to connect our YouTube account to add YouTube Alerts to our project.

  1. If the Library is not visible, click the “Open Library” button located on the lower-left side of the screen.


  2. In the Library panel, click on the + button and choose “YouTube Alerts” from the popup menu that appears.


  3. You should now have a YouTube Alert source in your library. Before proceeding, make sure YouTube Alerts is selected to ensure its properties are visible below.
    Click on the “Sign in with YouTube” button.


  4. You should now be forwarded to the YouTube website where you will be asked to authorize PolypopLive to access your account.


PolypopLive will never access your account for any reason other than providing the features you can see and access through the application.

You should now be connected to YouTube, and alerts should fire when their associated events trigger. Now all that’s left to do is connect them to stuff in your scenes to make interesting things happen.

Connecting to YouTube for Live Streaming

Let’s see how to connect your YouTube account to be able to live-stream to YouTube.

  1. Hover with your mouse over the “Go Live” area located at the bottom of your screen.


  2. Click on the “Live Stream” button that appears.


  3. A Live Stream properties window will appear.
    Next, click the “Service” drop-down and choose “YouTube Live”.


  4. Once selected, you should see a Connected status entry under Connection. If you haven’t already done so previously (see above: Connecting to YouTube for Alerts), connect your YouTube account by clicking the “Sign in with YouTube” button and follow the authorization prompts.

  5. Finally, click outside the Live Stream properties window to close it.
    A YouTube button (with the YouTube logo) should appear on the Go Live area.


  6. To start your YouTube live stream click on this button.

  7. You should also have a new button labeled “YT Studio” to the left of the Go Live area.
    Clicking this button will open your web browser to your YouTube Creator Studio page.