In this article, we’ll learn how to import an audio clip into your project.

  1. Open the Library by clicking the “Open Library” button on the lower left side of the screen.

  2. Clilck the + button on the bottom right of the Library panel.

  3. Next, from the menu that appears, click the Import Audio Clip item.

  4. When the File Explorer opens, select the audio clip you want to import and double-click it.

The audio clip will appear in the Source Library panel under the Audio category.

Let’s take a look at its properties shown below when it's selected in the Source Library:


This displays the file path of the file you selected. If later on, you decide you want to replace the audio file, you can click on the path to select a different audio file. Doing so will replace the audio anywhere it is used in the project.


The Loop On/Off button allows you to choose whether your sound clip should replay once it's finished playing.

This option is off by default.

Adding Your Audio Clip to a Scene

To add an audio clip to a scene, drag the audio clip from the Source Library panel onto the canvas. This will automatically create a new audio layer in your scene as shown in the Scene Layout panel.

If you select the layer, its properties will be shown directly below.

Let's see what each property does:


The Audible on/off switch lets you choose whether you want your sound to be audible or not. You could link this property to a Hotkey, for instance.


The Source lets you set what audio file to use from the Source Library. This is set automatically to the Audio Clip when it's dragged into the canvas.

Clicking on the source will select the audio clip in the Source Library on the left side of the app.

Sync To

Allows you to control if the sound is automatically played and how it syncs to the overall scene state. Let’s take a look at each option:


In this mode, the sound only plays when its Play action is activated, either by clicking it directly or by connecting a hotkey or other alert to it.

Manual (Polyphonic)

Like manual, but will allow additional overlapping sound to play whenever the Play action is activated.

Scene Activation

This will trigger the sound to play whenever its scene is activated.

Global Clock

This will cause the sound to play immediately and sync itself to a global clock. This option is useful for background music that you want to play seamlessly across different scenes. So long as each scene has the same sound added to it and set to sync to the Global Clock, the sound will play continuously across scenes.

Transpose Pitch

Controls the pitch of the audio specified in semitones.


The Controls section lists actions that allow you to start and stop the sound. These actions can be linked to hotkeys or other alerts.