You can add Mods (modifications) to elements in your scene to enhance and change how they look or function.

There are several benefits to using mods:

  1. Time save. Mods can add complex effects and animations that would otherwise take a long time to create manually.

  2. Simplicity. Mods can simplify the implementation of complex ideas. Connecting a single wire from an alert to the mod's properties lets viewers interact with your broadcast in innovative ways without much effort. For example, you can add a Spin mod to your 3D webcam screen. Connecting a Twitch alert to the “Spin” action socket will make your screen spin whenever a viewer redeems this alert.

  3. Randomness. Some mods (like Random Move, or Vary Color on Emit) will change the way your animations look each time they are shown on your livestream, making sure your content is always unique and exciting.

Adding a mod to an element

To add a mod to an element in your scene (such as 2D/3D text, a 3D object, or an object emitter), simply follow these steps:

  1. Select the element's layer in the Scene Layout panel.

  2. In the element's properties, click the "+" button next to the Mods menu.

  3. Choose the mod you would like to add from the list of available options.

    An example of the mods available for a 3D object element.

The range of available mods for an element will depend on the type of element you are working with. For instance, a 2D text layer will only have two mods to choose from (Animate on Update and Scroll), while a 3D object will have a much larger selection of mods to pick from.

You can add as many mods as you wish to an element. However, please note that after adding a mod, certain mods may no longer be available due to conflicts with the added mod. For example, if you add a Random Move mod to a 3D object, the Aim at, Rotate, and Screen Edge Move mods will no longer be available for use.

Additionally, some sources in the Library panel also have access to mods, such as the Time Adjustment Mod for a Countdown Alert. These can be added to a Library source in the same way as adding mods in the scene layout panel.

It's important to note that you can add mods to an object emitter as well as the objects it emits, which can be confusing for some users. If you would like to learn more about this, please refer to the "Emitter Mods" and "Emitted Objects Mods" sections in the Object Emitters documentation.